Well over 2000 lots in this autumn's large firearms auction!

Hermann Historica, International Auctions, is opening its autumn season at its new location, with an extended programme

Collectors can look forward to the large Autumn Auction at Hermann Historica, with almost 9000 objects, more than ever before, in the sales programme. In addition to the two firearms catalogues for the live and online auctions, the auction house's remaining areas of expertise fill an amazing 10 catalogues from antique arms and armour to military history and contemporary history. On the first two days, 11 and 12 November, a total of 1530 firearms are to come under the hammer in a classic live auction, while a further 842 weapons will be offered for sale in an online-only auction on 25 November.

Place your bids for the live auction in the saleroom, on the telephone, in writing or online via your computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Bids for the online auction may be submitted via the internet or in writing. Speaking of the internet: all objects will also be available on the well-known platforms Invaluable, Lot-tissimo, The Salesroom and LiveAuctioneers. To save the fees charged by these platforms, simply register on Hermann Historica's own online platform.

This auction has a spectacular highlight in store for aficionados of early systems: lot number 46, probably the largest group of guns from a royal armoury that is still in private ownership today. Made by the finest gunmakers of the time for Duke George I of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, who also reigned as King of England, the 32 weapons are in fantastic condition. This prize would make even Her Majesty the Queen green with envy! Admittedly, with a six-figure asking price, the group does not come cheap, but it is worth every penny.


No less sensational is another group of weapons, which hardly ever come up for auction in this combination: the pistols offered under lot numbers 38 to 41 were the first, second and third models to be issued to the Saxon trabant guard. The latter are even available as a pair in excellent condition. Opening at 10,000 euros, the guide prices are moderately estimated nonetheless.

Lot 196 offers rich pickings for connoisseurs of pairs of splendid pistols. A certain Joseph Charles Reilly, an Irishman by birth and later a gunsmith in London, created a magnificent pair of pistols that are in a class of their own. Completely uncharacteristic for the English gunmaking craft, the pair boasts rifled bores of wrapped Damascus steel, carved walnut stocks and engraved locks; the locks, cocks and trigger guards are also gilt. This crème de la crème comes complete with an impeccable case and all accessories for the bargain price of just 6,000 euros.

The winning team of Bergmann-Schmeisser produced a number of fascinating pistols that are invariably in great demand. However, the first model made by Schmeisser is virtually unknown and extremely rare: the Model 1894. As Bergmann did not yet have the necessary machinery and production facilities at the time, the 1894 was built by V. C. Schilling in Suhl. In outstanding condition, the pistol listed as lot number 460 is expected to fetch 8,000 euros.

Hardly any object demonstrates the fine line between good fortune and oblivion more vividly than lot number 563. Had the Schwarzlose Model 1896 been completed just a few months earlier, the pistol would have stolen the show from the famous Mauser C96. With its extremely innovative technology, it features a locked rotation breech and short recoil, an integrated magazine in the grip, the firing pin and return spring in one, a turning sight and much more. It was built by Andreas Schwarzlose, best known for developing the legendary machine gun that was also named after him, which was produced in large numbers, unlike the pistol. By contrast, with a series of just 500, the pistol is a rarity of the highest order and much sought-after among collectors.


Lot 476 is even more remarkable – and virtually unheard of into the bargain – the Gustloff pistol. Fritz Sauckel, Gauleiter of Thuringia, wanted to establish this pistol, a cross between the Walther PP and the Sauer H38, as the service weapon of the NSDAP and SS. Barely 100 were made, in a number of different versions and materials. However, the German Army Weapons Agency failed to approve the pistol and it vanished quietly without trace.

Once again, this autumn offers a vast selection of guns in every price category and different grades of quality. Whether they are interested in Mauser systems, Winchester rifles, Remington rolling blocks or American Spencer carbines, collectors will be spoilt for choice. As just one of the numerous collectible long guns on offer, one particularly rare demonstration model is worthy of note. Manufactured in Preduzece in 1944, lot 1353 is a carbine 98k, complete with grenade launcher, a shaped charge rifle grenade 61 and a grenade sight with bubble level, impressively mounted on a tripod. Bids are invited from just 2500 euros for this gun.

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The various objects are being offered for auction at the prices stated above. A premium amounting to 25% (incl. VAT) will be added to the final hammer price.

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