A USA-lot is physically located in the USA and thus shipped from there. So if you are buying from outside the USA and need to import the item into your country please keep in mind that this might incurr higher shipping charges than when buying from Germany (especially for Europeans), and that upon import you might be charged customs duties, import tariffs (e.g. VAT) and customs clearance charges.

You should also keep an eye on your country's national import regulations, in particular with regards to arms and insignia of Nazi Germany.

Export of objects containing material of endangered or protected species subject to CITES regulations is not possible.

Items can be inspected in the USA only, so please ask for any additional information that you are interested in prior to bidding! Once lots have been shipped we cannot accept any requests for cancellation or price reduction.

Cost overview - example calculation


Payable to Hermann Historica:
Hammer price: €  1.000,00
Commission: €  250,00
Shipping, e.g.: 50,00
Total to HH: 1.300,00


Payable to parcel service:

VAT, e.g. 19% (Germany):  247,00
Customs duties, e.g. 5%:  65,00
Customs clearance paperwork:  40,00
Total to parcel service:  352,00


Total cost of lot:   1.652,00

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