Lot 475

A Dreyse Mod. 1910, locked, trial

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A80s | Live auction | 918 Lots


Cal. 9 mm Luger, Nr. 15, Nearly bright bore, barrel length 125 mm. Magazine for eight rounds. Proof-marked crown/N. The breechblock cannot be detached from the rebound spring (locked), which is a feature of the standardised version, where the connection between the breechblock and the spring is released for easier cycling. Hand engraved serial number. 14 mm wide, machined barrel rib. Spring-loaded cocking slide unlocked. On the left of the receiver the company name "Rheinische Metallwaren & Maschinenfabrik/Abt. Sömmerda", on the right "DREYSE". The authenticity of the fully preserved bluing cannot be confirmed. Small parts and operating elements strawed. Black horn grip panels with logo, on the left slight worming. Magazine. There are only two other pistols of this prototype known among collectors.
German export license required: yes


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