One auction follows hot on the heels of the other at HERMANN HISTORICA – and success is guaranteed!

As the saying goes, there's no rest for the wicked at the world-famous auction house. From 27 November to 1 December, HERMANN HISTORICA is hosting yet another major auction.

Following the triumph of its Autumn Auction in October, Hermann Historica is marking Advent with another auction in December. One thing is sure: the diverse lineup of over 3,000 objects will once again spark some nail-biting battles between the bidders. This auction is taking place online. However, the auction house provides up to five different platforms, for which buyers are requested to complete a short registration process.

Art and Antiquities


Perhaps you are still looking for that extra special Christmas present? Lot number 6050 would delight any recipient. For 900 euros, Hermann Historica is offering a remarkable gold ring, made in the Roman Empire during the first century A.D. The ring is embellished with an oval carnelian intaglio, delicately engraved with the head of a bearded Silenus.


You will also find rich pickings if you are looking for that certain something for your living room. Everyone has heard of renowned baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens. Dating from around 1616, the original painting of "Christ's Charge to Peter" is currently in the Wallace Collection London. Only at Hermann Historica can art lovers now snap up a copy in the style of the most sought-after painter of his time for a mere 500 euros (lot number 6208).



Maybe you prefer old technology, like photographic equipment? The Zeiss Ikon Contarex single-lens reflex camera stands out among the 45 cameras up for sale. The Snr. T90101 camera is in beautiful condition and the shutter release is flawless. Offers from 400 euros are welcome (lot number 6596). The price includes the original lid, aperture and leather case.

Antique Arms and Armour

The crowds of customers can look forward to swords and helmets galore on Tuesday, 28 November. Ranging from formidable suits of armour to longswords, daggers and fine hunting knives, the roughly 250 lots are certain to be well received.


If oriental flair sets your heart aflutter, make a note to check out lot 7008. The Ottoman khanjar is coming under the hammer for 4,000 euros. Measuring a respectable 73 cm, the large sword bears a gold inscription. The wootz-Damascus of the blade and grip lend it an exceptionally distinguished air, while the iron fittings give the khanjar that special touch with their floral décor and geometric patterns. 


Even if you don't own a castle, lot 7145 would still take pride of place in your more humble abode. Just imagine this imposing 16th century style suit of armour for the field stood in your hallway! The close helmet, locking visor and fabulous cuirass would certainly get the neighbours talking. Bids from 1,200 euros are now invited for this magnificent set.


If you want something to hang above the mantelpiece, a rare cup-hilted rapier from Spain would fit the bill (lot number 7217). With a starting price of 1,100 euros, the hilt of this exquisitely wrought, unusual blade is in outstanding condition and destined to entice scores of bids.

Antique and Modern Firearms

Moreover, collectors will not want to miss the firearms auction on Wednesday, 29 November. As the catalogue includes bargains starting at 20 euros right through to fabulous, enormously popular, rare pieces, enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice.


An incomparable air gun such as that offered under lot number 8113 would surely grace any weapons collection. The majestic air rifle by Johann Mond of Augsburg is a connoisseur's dream come true. Developed around 1810, with a gorgeous full stock and smooth brass furniture, the weapon is now estimated at 1,300 euros.


Next up, lot 8590 boasts a heavier calibre. Hermann Historica is proud to present an exceptionally rare Walther PPK "Statens Vattenfallsverk". Produced in 1942, the weapon was issued to the security personnel at Swedish hydroelectric power stations. The highly coveted collector's item – just 300 of the PP and PPK model were ever made – has a guide price of 900 euros.


There will also be an opportunity to acquire a Walther PP used by the Sturmabteilung of the NDSAP Mitte, lot number 8782. A total of approximately 6,000 are thought to have been produced. The phenomenally rare weapon of the Gruppe Niederrhein has a limit of 1,200 euros.


Orders and Military Collectibles until 1918

On Thursday, 30 November, a parade of rare, desirable collectibles are on the agenda, from insignia through to uniforms. They all have one thing in common: historically significant, they invariably command attention.



The highlight listed as lot number 9324 is guaranteed to cause a flurry of excitement – not just among fans of sculptures. A bust of Rupprecht, the last Crown Prince of Bavaria, is now set to change hands. Designed by famous sculptor Fritz Behn, the model is said to have been created to commemorate Rupprecht's appointment to Generalfeldmarschall in August 1916 and made of iron because bronze was scarce. An extremely rare find, it is sure to coax an admirer into investing 500 euros.


The royal-imperial Uhlans fought for the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. This bright blue uniform would have been worn by a Leutnant of this regiment circa 1910 (lot number 9152). They must have made a huge impression on their enemies. The remarkable, well-preserved uniform has been valued at 800 euros.



Meanwhile, there is a truly splendid helmet from the regiment of the Garde du Corps, a cuirassiers regiment in the Cavalier Guard of the Prussian Army. The unparalleled headgear with the typical parade eagle in nickel-silver is in good condition. As lot number 9443, this piece of history is expected to fetch at least 3,000 euros.

The whole auction is taking place at the offices of Hermann Historica in Grasbrunn, near Munich,  from 27 November to 01 December.

Moreover, you are cordially invited to inspect all objects in person at the offices of Hermann Historica in Grasbrunn, near Munich. The pre-sale viewing will take place from Wednesday, 22 November to Friday, 24 November, from 11 am to 5 pm every day. As usual, the Hermann Historica experts will be on hand to advise customers.

Or why not browse through the Hermann Historica auction catalogues? They include detailed descriptions of all lots, along with numerous high-quality photographs. Please visit for our free online catalogues and further information.

Please note: all prices quoted are net guide prices and do not include the 25% premium (and VAT).


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