A colourful mix of rarities, unusual items and beautiful pieces of jewellery will be offered in Hermann Historica's 91st Online Only Auction.

Everywhere you look, there is a magical glitter and sparkle, buzzing and enticement. Auction house Hermann Historica is breaking new ground in its online-only auction from 31 January to 4 February 2022. Diamond-studded jewellery and a remarkable poster collection of the modern era jostle for position with rare period pieces and decorative antique arms and armour, vying for buyers' attention on the first two days. 

The online auction kicks off with art and handcrafts and Asian art on Monday, 31 January 2022. On Tuesday, 1 February 2022, it is the turn of the rarities in the antiquities section and the sensational poster collection amassed by graphic artist Willi Engelhardt, with antique arms and armour bringing up the rear.

Works of Art, Asian Art

Lot number 5163 reveals a romantic gift. Set on a fine brass inlay with floral decoration, the exquisitely enamelled medallion on the lid of this jewellery box shows a young couple gazing enraptured into each other's eyes. Dating from circa 1830, the miniature wooden casket is expected to fetch 1,000 euros.

Lot 5664 will no doubt invite every collector to take a trip down memory lane. Measuring 32 cm, a 1926 Steiff teddy bear in fine condition will be making his appearance in the "Antique toys" section. Bids from 800 euros are now invited for the cuddly bear with the typical glass eyes, expressive face and blackish-brown nose.

With around 80 pieces, the jewellery selection is a sight to behold, with sparkling gems as far as the eye can see. A gold brooch in the shape of a dragonfly is particularly appealing. Its wings are set with four opals, while its body twinkles with countless diamonds. The fabulous brooch, lot number 5246, is sure to coax an enthusiast into investing 600 euros. Another highlight, thanks to its unusual shape, is lot 5211, opening at 580 euros. The gold brooch is fashioned like a fan, opulently set with rose-cut and old-cut diamonds. Meanwhile, lot number 5212 is a source of delight, with 72 old-cut diamonds encircling the central ruby on a gold necklace. Moderately estimated at just 700 euros, this pièce de résistance is certain to be well received. 

Glass collectors will be spoilt for choice in this auction. A premiere at Hermann Historica – a 120-piece glass collection is to come under the hammer, mostly objects made of cut glass, 19th century coloured glass and opaque glass. Worthy of special mention is lot 5330. Estimated at 900 euros, the goblet dates from circa 1730 and has a portrait of Wilhelm I. Another goblet, lot number 5341, features a Persian warrior with his steed. Most likely made by August Böhm or Emanuel Hoffmann, the Bohemian glass has a starting price of 500 euros. The collection also includes the occasional art nouveau glory, such as lot number 5429, a fan vase by Josef Riedel, circa 1888. With a limit of 400 euros, its distinctive lines and admirable finishing will no doubt create a certain excitement. 

The beauty of lot 5769 is undeniable, with its meticulously detailed carving. Listed at 440 euros, the ivory box from China is a genuine highlight among the works of Asian art. It is lavishly embellished with particularly elaborate scenes of 19th century monastic life. Next up, the painting on a famille rose teapot is equally breathtaking. Dating from the late Qing dynasty, the teapot under lot number 5781 is offered for sale from 1,500 euros. 

Antiquities, Poster Collection of Engelhardt, Antique Arms & Armour

The "Antiquities" chapter opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, 1 February 2022. Comprising more than 100 lots, the lineup includes a good number of rarities.

One such is lot number 6021, a charming group of miniature animal figures in bronze. The three stags and one ibex were made in Luristan, probably around 1000 B.C., and have developed an outstanding patina over the years. The figures are expected to change hands for 800 euros.

Top lot 6057 comes from the Roman Empire. A tiny bear has been appliquéd onto the uncommonly rare amber ring from the 2nd or 3rd century. The exceptionally delightful, naturalistic miniature carving and the first-class workmanship may command their price, here with a reserve of 800 euros.

Poster Collection of Willi Engelhardt

One of the sensations of the day is the superlative collection acquired by graphic artist and commercial designer Willi Engelhardt (1900 – 1983). Among the almost 150 lots are numerous original film and advertising posters ranging from the 1930s to the 1960s, together with gouache drawings and sketches from his studio. Bidding starts at noon. Collectors will be particularly interested in the formidable gouache design for a poster of "A blonde at the swimming pool" from the 1950s. The skilful graphic representation – lot number 7084 – has an asking price of 400 euros. Fans of the artist will be able to snap up an unusual version of the film poster for the 1932 film "Fürst Seppl – Skandal im Grandhotel" (lot 7051) for 300 euros. Lot 7014, a poster by Ludwig Hohlwein entitled "Deutsches Museum München", 1927, was part of Engelhardt's archive. The extremely rare and much sought-after original Hohlwein poster, one of his best known works, will soon take pride of place in a new collection for 1,200 euros.

Antique Arms and Armour

The auction of the 365 objects in the "Antique arms and armour" chapter starts at 2 p.m. The Saudi Arabian presentation saif, lot number 8057, is certain to be the centre of attention. The slightly curved sword boasts a delicately engraved inscription in Arabic. The grip is made of gilt silver, while the countless glass stones studded all over the beautifully ornate scabbard catch the light. Together with the presentation case, this magnificent gift is valued at 1,500 euros.

A minimum bid of 2,500 euros will secure the decorative full armour under lot number 8229. The 16th century style suit of armour stands an impressive 180 cm tall and is made of sheet metal. 

The parade of outstanding objects continues with a left-handed dagger from the early 17th century, its hilt embellished with a stunning graphic pattern. The audience is sure to pay homage to the clean, elegant lines of this edged weapon, lot number 8273, which has a catalogue price of 2,300 euros. 

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms

For two years, the Munich auction house's online-only auction has attracted buyers from all over the world. "Fine Antique and Modern Firearms" is the most extensive catalogue with just under 900 lots, all set to come under the hammer on Wednesday, 2 February 2022, from 10 a.m. Needless to say, as in every auction, the lineup includes a number of stunning pieces.

A deluxe percussion double-barrelled shotgun deserves a special mention. Made in Belgium or France, the rifle with lot number 9078 is sure to impress, thanks to the fine animal engravings, graceful tendrils and floral decoration on the lock plate. The guide price of 1,400 euros includes the original case, lined in red velvet, and the matching, original tool set, with all parts complete. These consist of a multi-function implement (screwdriver/nipple wrench), the three-part cleaning rod with a threaded bullet puller, a wadding iron and a bullet mould. 

Collectors of old hand guns are in for a real treat with lot 9117. This is an ideal opportunity to acquire a rare, double-barrelled flintlock pistol by William Paris, circa 1795. With various proof marks and the fine floral engravings so fashionable at the time, the solid silver furniture is a gorgeous contrast to the finely grained wood. Valued at 2,400 euros, this prize is sure to take a buyer's fancy.

Another top lot is the early snaphaunce-lock pistol from Brescia. The weapon is listed as lot number 9097, cutting an impressive figure with its elegant lines. The sumptuous, dark full stock is inlaid with decorative tendrils in iron. It may now command its price, starting at 1,300 euros.

One of the Swiss precision pistols that are particularly sought-after at present is causing a flurry of excitement in the modern arms section. As lot number 9656, a SIG P 210-3 from the third production series is estimated at 1,500 euros. Formerly standard issue for the Basel police, the handgun is being offered for sale with its matching white case.

With a production volume of just 500, the P08 Mauser-Banner 1940 commercial (WaA 655) is one of the absolute rarities among the modern firearms. As lot number 9786, this legendary pistol that was issued to a famous special unit will soon delight a new owner for 1,200 euros. Buyers will also be interested in another police or army issue P08 Mauser-Banner 1940, lot number 9788, which has a reserve of 850 euros. 

Orders & Military Collectibles until 1918

Almost 550 objects in the "Orders and Military Collectibles until 1918" section are coming up for sale on Thursday, 3 February 2022, from 10 a.m. in the Hermann Historica online auction. 

One of the absolute highlights among the insignia is an unusual clasp bearing the orders awarded to a Bavarian officer. Lot number 10094 is a nine-piece orders clasp belonging to a Bavarian major who was also a member of the imperial Schutztruppe in Africa, which makes this large clasp so exceptionally out of the ordinary. The rare medal bar is expected to fetch 1,600 euros.

Meanwhile, admirers of the Bavarian Royal Court should watch out for lot number 10271. The crowned Bavarian coat of arms and the gilt inscription "Georg Prinz von Bayern" on the obverse stand out against a background of tendrils and trophies. Dated 1910, the formidable sword was presented by the prince to Emmerich Freiherr von Godin. Godin was the brother of Michael Freiherr von Godin, the commander of the Munich branch of the Bavarian State Police who so ruthlessly quashed the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich on 9 November 1923. Bids from 2,800 euros are now invited for this unrivalled edged weapon of priceless historical significance. 

Also from Bavaria and no less of a wonder is lot 10300. Buyers will surely covet this gala hunting hanger for forestry officials, estimated at 1,600 euros. We have the combined skill of the Solingen bladesmith Schimmelbusch and the Munich sword cutler Stroblberger to thank for this extraordinary 19th century masterpiece. With its excellent condition and well-preserved gilding, this edged weapon is a remarkable find. The lot even includes the original by-knife.

The object bearing the number 10482 is the estate of a member of the German navy. The four-part orders clasp belonging to signal master August Hänsen, a personal acquaintance of Hindenburg's, has an asking price of 1,500 euros. The associated Ottoman Lifesaving Medal on a green ribbon (Tahlisiye Madalyasi) is a particularly unusual decoration. As if that was not enough, this unparalleled, noteworthy collection of navy effects was consigned directly from the family estate, along with an award document and a letter from Hindenburg. 

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