Objects of historical significance from all over the world and of the highest quality – Hermann Historica's May auction has an array of museum-grade lots

Not long to wait now: Hermann Historica is opening its doors for the next major live auction in Grasbrunn from 6 to 12 May 2023. Once again, the historical auction house is offering buyers over 3,500 lots to choose from.

Antique arms and armour from all over the world

The countless bidders keen to acquire the almost 370 lots in "Antique arms and armour from all over the world" will have to wait until Tuesday, 9 May. Nonetheless, their patience will pay dividends. Sensational showstoppers among the armour, swords, daggers and helmets are looking to change hands.



Even those who do not speak Japanese can tell that lot 1089 is one absolute highlight of this auction. A Kuro Urushi Nur Yahatsu Zane Kon Ito Sugake Odoshi Gusoku in fine condition is now coming under the hammer. The exceptionally decorative armour is so phenomenal because it is not assembled from individual components but has been preserved completely with all associated parts. Bids from 5,800 euros are now invited for this armour dating from the late Edo or Meji period.


Lot 1154, a suit of Lower German armour for the field in attractive, well-restored quality, serves as the counterpart to the protective wear from Japan. This fine, 17th century armour with its open burgonet, cuisses and ridged gauntlets will doubtless be snapped up for its asking price of 12,500 euros.


Another highlight in the defensive arms category is the imposing parade burgonet dating from the 19th century or later. This superb helmet in the style of Negroli, whose magnificent parade armour components all'antica are now almost exclusively found in museum collections, is listed as lot number 1153. This remarkably rare find, the heavily ridged skull forged in one piece with raised and gilt acanthus ornaments on the comb, has a reserve of 27,500 euros.

Lot 1228 is also of the utmost rarity. The collectible shooting boar spear from Nuremberg will no doubt spark a bidding war. Boar spears are frequently used to decorate trophy rooms or as prizes for outstanding hunters. However, this weapon is fitted with two wheellock mechanisms, which is why this deluxe piece is so sensational. Around the world, only very few comparable examples are known to exist today. Enthusiasts can capture their prey for 30,000 euros.


Among the edged weapons, a particularly rare Viking sword from Scandinavia is certain to cause a stir (lot number 1288). Forged around the year 900, the inlaid blade inscription "+ULFBERTH+" and silver-inlaid swastika ornaments on the pommel of this magnificent sword may command their price, here with a limit of 18,000 euros.

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms

Moreover, on Wednesday, 10 May, numerous collectors of firearms will be relishing the prospect of securing some of the almost 1,000 lots from the last five centuries. The extensive lineup ranges from spectacular flintlock and percussion rifles through to modern "shooting devices" and accessories, taking in hunting rifles for daily use along the way. As in previous years, Hermann Historica will satisfy even the most discerning buyer.


First up, from the armoury of the Counts of Oettingen, is an illustrious wheellock rifle with a self-spanning lock (lot number 2021). The unusual weapon is engraved with extremely ostentatious, intricate inlays. Mythological figures, fabulous creatures and animals cavort among the scrollwork and trophy cartouches. Dated approximately 1600, the rifle is expected to fetch 22,000 euros.

Meanwhile, a wheellock puffer from Nuremberg, circa 1570, is no less elaborately embellished. As lot number 2036, this firearm with exquisite mascarons amidst delicate leafy vines is open to bids from 20,000 euros.


Hermann Historica is proud to present not one but two deluxe flintlock shotguns by Jean Lépage (1746 - 1834), one of France's most prominent gunsmiths, purveyor to the court of Louis XVI and Napoleon, among others. Collectors will be interested in lot number 2067, a double-barrelled flintlock shotgun produced in 1820. The signature of the celebrated master of arms stands out against the lavish furniture of engraved, gold-inlaid steel with its etched floral décor and depictions of animals. The new owner will have to invest at least 32,000 euros in this magnum opus. By contrast, a pair of double-barrelled flintlock pistols by the artisan gunsmith has a catalogue price of 14,000 euros. Dating from the years of the Revolution before the First Consulate, this deluxe edition is listed as lot number 2092.

The modern firearms section also promises a parade of collectible specimens. One exceptional rarity is the Adler self-loading pistol dated 1906/07 (lot number 2304). Not only was a very small number ever produced, this one is moderately estimated for good measure. Bids from just 4,000 euros are now invited for this sought-after pistol in near mint condition.


Next up, lot number 2365 is an equally rare find. As one of the first prototypes in the development of the Mauser C 96, the Mauser C 96 Bolo is certain to tempt a connoisseur. With a starting price of 18,000 euros, why not add to your collection the only known C 96 to have an exchangeable barrel with a bayonet lock?

The next pièce de résistance comes from Austria. Lot number 2475 offers a great opportunity to own a Schulhof repeating pistol, 1884, Model II. The noteworthy handgun, only about 50 of which were produced, uses an action ring to trigger the toggle locking mechanism. The minimum bid of 10,000 euros will secure this coveted firearm.


Furthermore, the auction house's repertoire also includes the "great-grandfather of the 1911 pistols". Lot number 2540 is a Colt Mod. 1900 automatic pistol from the pre-production series in beautiful, original condition. The serial number 2 firearm notches up extra points for its highly polished finish in immaculate condition. Offers from 18,000 euros are now welcome.

You are cordially invited to inspect all objects in person at the offices of Hermann Historica in Grasbrunn, near Munich. The pre-sale viewing will take place from Tuesday, 2 May to Friday, 5 May, from 10 am to 5 pm every day. As usual, the Hermann Historica experts will be on hand to advise customers.

In addition, the Hermann Historica auction catalogues include detailed descriptions of all lots, along with numerous high-quality photographs. For the descriptions and further information, please go to

Please note: all prices quoted are net guide prices and do not include the 25% premium (and VAT).

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