German Contemporary History since 1919

The section „Contemporary History“ covers objects related to the developments in Germany from right after „The War to end all Wars“ through the Weimar period and all the way to the end of the Second World War.

Actually, even beyond it, as the Nuremberg Trials still fit within this period. The dominating series of events of the time was the development of the Nazi Party, its way to power, and all the subsequent manifestations of this murderous ideology, from the Second World War to the Holocaust and Euthanasia, to name but a few.

With the whole world up in arms, with armies fighting bloody battles on three continents, there is no lack of objects whatsoever. But the way these objects are looked upon varies wildly, depending on one’s perspective. Let’s take an SS helmet as an example: To a post-war German, it was both a shameful symbol of defeat as well as of crimes committed, to the American GI it was a welcome battle trophy, to the historian or museum operator a welcome display unit, and for todays collector it is an important component to any collection of German military headgear. And yes, it could also be a “devotionalia” to a Neonazi - however, there are cheaper ways to display ideology. But which opinion prevails, and is there really one way only to look at all objects? And whose interpretation will prevail?

Well, difficult terrain, and we are probing and exploring it with utmost care. It goes without saying that observing the German penal code, namely §§ 86 and 86(a), is on top of the list. We will thus carefully select our audience to make sure that objects are purchased only for the purposes deemed adequate in these paragraphs: civic education, defence against anti-constitutional efforts, art and science, research or teaching, journalism, or similar purposes. To this avail we send out questionnaires to customers who would like to receive access to these catalogues. We invest even more care to assure the authenticity of objects, as all efforts to explore the nature of the beast go to waste if the object in question is not an original. Which is why we employ experts with many years of experience in separating the wheat from the chaff.

We believe that our policy has worked well, and that our customers have honoured our efforts. Which is why a large number of world-renown museums and research institutions and the world’s largest and most prominent collectors have been buying from us for many years. Nonetheless, we will gladly accept constructive criticism, as we attempt to continuously approve. If you would like to build your own opinion by checking it out – please complete the form and register with us to get access to the catalogues!

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