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With its online auction 97, the auction house is bringing a breath of fresh air to the bidding platform.

Once again, world-famous auction house Hermann Historica is opening its virtual doors for an online-only auction from 26 to 30 June. For the third time this year, buyers will be able to submit their bids on up to five platforms. Time will tell whether the historical auction house can match the resounding success of its live auction in May. But one thing is certain: comprising almost 3,000 objects, the chapters of antiquities, art and antiques, firearms and armour, with numerous testimonies to the past from near and far thrown in for good measure, are guaranteed to spark some fierce bidding wars.

Art and antiquities


The highly anticipated, one-week auction opens on Monday, 26 June, with a lineup of nearly 650 lots in the art and antiques section. Among the antiquities, a slew of intaglios from Greece deserve a special mention (lots 5034 – 5038). For the most part extremely rare, their intricate motifs skilfully wrought, these special showpieces are sure to meet with collectors' approval. One such, lot 5034, shows Helios surrounded by signs of the zodiac. Bids from 1,600 euros are now invited for this masterpiece.


Next up, from ancient Italy, lot 5053 stands out in particular. The Sardinian bronze votive offering is shaped like a bull. The early Iron Age animal sculpture, probably dating from the 8th to the 7th century B.C., is particularly expressive and unusually awe-inspiring in style. In its complete state of preservation, the highly singular figure may command its price, namely 5,000 euros.


An exceptionally fine piece, lot number 5261 is sure to fire bidders' enthusiasm. Dating from the 18th or 19th century, the unparalleled bronze-mounted box in rock crystal was made in Tibet or Nepal. The sumptuous embellishment of the rounded container, studded with turquoises, corals and polished gemstones, is reflected in its reserve of 2,000 euros.

Moreover, an elaborate 16th century sculpture is sorrowful and breathtaking at the same time. Either from Spain or southern Italy, lot number 5322 interprets the Lamentation of Christ. Cradling his body on her lap, the Virgin Mary mourns her son. The artwork is expected to fetch 2,100 euros.


Lot 5386 certainly lives up to expectations of outstanding quality, offering a chance to acquire a valuable pocket watch by the prestigious Swiss brand Longines. In the original presentation case with a velvet insert, its mechanical movement with manual winding, and inscribed "LONGINES 5 GRANDS PRIX", this 18-carat gold timepiece is sure to coax an enthusiast into investing 3,200 euros.



There are rich pickings in the section of unusual technical devices when a small, yet fine collection of noteworthy cameras and accessories comes under the hammer the same day. Among the nearly 30 lots, most of which were developed or produced by the legendary Zeiss company, lot 5583 will make aficionados sit up and take notice. Hermann Historica is delighted to be able to offer an extremely rare, ultra-wide angle camera from the early 1970s. The Hologon construction with a gradient filter is modestly estimated at 500 euros.

Antique arms and armour from all over the world


On Tuesday, 27 June, the spotlight will be on arms and armour. Collectors will be glued to their screens, enticed by the wealth of rare pieces among the almost 175 lots. The very first announcement, lot 6014, is sure to cause a flurry of excitement. Dated 1923, the silver-mounted kindjal is truly a sight to behold: its silver hilt is embellished with engraved, delicately wrought nielloed ornaments. Its minimum bid of 500 euros will make one lucky person's dream of owning this Caucasian sword come true.


Collectors will also be interested in a 16th century style helmet, lot number 6114. The closed eye area gives the consummate collector's reproduction a truly formidable aspect. The tour-de-force would strike terror into the heart of the enemy on the battlefield. Its new owner will have to part with a minimum of 3,500 euros.



Moreover, a skilful replica of a Milton shield is particularly striking. The impressive shield is lavishly adorned with scenes from John Milton's famous epic poem "Paradise Lost". The original was presented at the 1867 Paris World Exposition by goldsmith Léonard Morel-Ladeuil. At Hermann Historica, this reproduction can be acquired for 1,500 euros (lot number 6129).

Fine antique and modern firearms

Yet again, the auction will just miss the 1,000 mark! Once more, fans of antique and modern firearms are in for a real treat with an astounding 985 lots to choose from. On Wednesday, 28 June, buyers will surely be battling it out on the internet.

Beginning with the civil firearms, a Teschen flintlock rifle heads the parade of exceptional pieces. Composed of old parts, the historicism handgun is coming under the hammer as lot number 7036. The splendid flintlock with its intricate tendril and grotesque decoration has a limit of 4,500 euros.


Next up, lot number 7042 is a magnum opus, wrought with the greatest craftsmanship. The deluxe pair of chiselled miquelet pistols has come all the way from the tiny Spanish town of Eibar. Adorned with finely chased, partially gold-inlaid decorative tendrils, bids from 6,500 euros are welcome for this delicate pair.


A third cylinder locking mechanism? Lot number 7281 is practically one of a kind. The Korth revolver, a triple-lock test version of which just 25 were produced, has an extremely rare triple locking action on the cylinder. One of this series is expected to change hands for the moderate asking price of 2,500 euros.

Lot 7645 is another phenomenal weapon, thanks to its original detachable stock. Amazingly, the guide price of 5,000 euros for the Finnish standard pistol Lahti L-35, type I, includes the original detachable stock that is seldom found on the market. Just fifty such stocks were built in 1937, yet never established for military use.


The most expensive lot in the auction but, by the same token, extremely rare is number 7646, an experimental pistol VKT. A mere 26 of the Finnish test weapons were manufactured in the 1944 series. This extraordinary piece will soon take pride of place in a new collection for 12,000 euros.

Orders and military collectibles until 1918

Just under 500 lots will change hands on Thursday, 29 June. Once again, the selection of magnificent orders, noteworthy headgear and sabres, as well as key documents of historical interest will attract crowds of Hermann Historica customers.



Among the insignia, the Military Order of Merit is one spectacular highlight. Produced by Hemmerle between 1905 and 1918, the remarkable Officer's Cross with Crown and Swords is listed in the catalogue as lot number 8095. The rare decoration is now set to rake in 1,000 euros.


Meanwhile, a bust of Napoleon I, cast circa 1830/40 (lot number 8165) is a highly imposing portrait. Acclaimed Parisian sculptor and medallist David d'Angers designed the bronze statue while Napoleon was Consul of France. The eminent likeness will soon grace a new setting for 800 euros.



Lot 8346 comes from the Prussian Royal House of Frederick I or Frederick III, Elector of Brandenburg. The expressive hunting hanger dating from his reign (1688 – 1713) is now offered for auction from 1,500 euros. Given its ornamental etchings, crowned eagle and three-dimensional lion's head pommel, not only Prussian fans will be pressing the bid button.

Orders and military collectibles from 1919 onwards

The last day of the auction, 30 June, offers an opportunity to bag some of the 615 lots with orders and collectibles from military history after 1919.

Allach figurines are prized by collectors all over the world. Two exceptional pieces made by the porcelain factory are to come under the hammer in this auction. The first is a Frisian peasant woman (lot number 9101), the other a Hessian farmer (lot number 9102), both based on designs by sculptor and modeller Richard Förster. The undamaged, coloured porcelain figurines will be open to bids from 2,500 euros.




The rarity of lot number 9319, full parade dress for a Hauptfeldwebel or sergeant major in Ludwigsburg Infantry Regiment No. 13, is guaranteed to ensure plenty of bidding skirmishes. The tunic was made to measure in fine gabardine. The conservative limit of 600 euros also includes the matching stone-grey trousers with white piping.

However, buyers will have to dig somewhat deeper into their pockets for an exceedingly rare steel helmet worn by the crew of Shinyo kamikaze boats (lot number 9586). Offers from 4,500 euros are invited for this unusual find, dating from 1944/45. These helmets were designed to protect the Shinyo crew from enemy fire on their boats directly before carrying out their suicide mission.


The whole online auction is taking place from 26 to 30 June. In the meantime, it is well worth browsing through our free online catalogues. All relevant links and further information can be found at

Moreover, you are cordially invited to inspect all objects in person at the offices of Hermann Historica in Grasbrunn, near Munich. The pre-sale viewing is open from Wednesday to Friday, 21 to 23 June, from 11 am to 5 pm each day. As usual, the Hermann Historica experts will be on hand to advise customers.

Please note: all prices quoted are net guide prices and do not include the 25% premium (and VAT).



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