Absentee bids in writing

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You may submit pre-sale bids on your chosen lots in writing with our Absentee Bid Instructions (PDF) at any time. However, to allow sufficient time for us to process your instructions, we strongly recommend that you send us these by fax or email at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of the auction.

You may download the Absentee Bid Instructions on our website by clicking on the button at the bottom. If you have ordered auction catalogues, the form will be included in your shipment.Please fill in your Absentee Bid Instructions carefully, ensuring the information is clearly legible and remembering to sign the form, then send it to us by mail (allow for shipping time!), email or fax.

Enter the lot number, short description (one keyword will suffice) and your maximum bid on the form.Please note: it goes without saying that we will only draw on your maximum bid in the amount required to outbid other prospective buyers by one increment. Therefore, in many cases, you will acquire the lots you are interested in for well below your maximum bid.

Absentee Bid form