Lot 3029

A German hunting wheellock rifle, the stock inlaid with staghorn, circa 1700

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A82s | Live auction | 655 Lots

Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


The octagonal barrel slightly constricted in the middle with seven-groove rifled bore in 16 mm calibre. Dovetailed sights. Decorative tendrils deeply etched on a fine, repousséd ground at the breech. The lock with internal wheel, adorned with deeply etched baroque flowers and birds, a Cupid on the cock. Hair trigger with release. The exquisitely carved full stock in walnut with lavish inlays of beautifully beaded staghorn. A depiction of a hunter with hound and stag in fine relief on the cheek. Engraved brass trigger guard. Inset wooden ramrod with horn tip. Length 107 cm.Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

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