Lot 8070

A wheellock rifle with staghorn stock, a historicism reproduction composed of original parts

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | O88s | Online auction | 997 Lots


The original octagonal barrel slightly constricted in the middle with eight-groove rifled bore in 14 mm calibre. Dovetailed sights in iron. Superlative, original wheellock, circa 1720, with a delicately engraved scene of hunters at rest in a forest. Signed "L.C. Lenglsen" on the edge. The mechanism engraved with tendrils in places in the interior. Original trigger and trigger guard. The wooden stock with a staghorn veneer, inlaid with relief plaques carved in bone. Various hunting scenes, a hound's head in half relief on the top of the butt. Length 103.5 cm.

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