4. The auction


Your objects are included in the sales programme of both our live auctions and our online auctions.

Several times a year, we host live auctions, alternating with online-only auctions.

On the day of the auction, all objects in the current programme are offered for sale at the arranged starting price. The auction proceeds with fixed bidding increments, corresponding to approximately 5-10% of the preceding bid.

The sale is concluded if no higher bid is submitted after a bid has been announced three times. We accept bids placed by floor, telephone and online bidders, as well as absentee bids, which may be submitted via email, fax, by post or telephone.

Should, contrary to all expectations, your object not sell during the auction, we will include it in our post-auction online sale.

Over a period of six weeks, interested parties have an opportunity to acquire these objects for their reserve, plus the buyer’s premium.


Click here for further information on "Bidding" and "The post-auction sale".

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What is an online-only auction?

How to bid

For further information on the various steps, click How to bid for an overview of the bidding process.

Further information

The post-auction sale

For six weeks, the objects in the post-auction sale may be purchased for their reserve, plus the buyer’s premium. 

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