2. Consigning your objects


Once you receive a positive response from us, the next step is to consign your objects.

It is absolutely essential for our experts to be able to inspect  your objects in order to carry out a comprehensive evaluation.

You can send your items, carefully wrapped and securely boxed, by parcel service, such as UPS, Fedex or DHL, by regular mail or with a freight forwarder. Watch out when sending guns, as there are distinct limitations with most courier services. And make sure your parcel gets insured to the value of your items!

We will send you confirmation of receipt as soon as your parcel arrives safely.

While on our premises, your objects are insured against theft, burglary, fire and damage in transit. The insured value will be the starting price, prior to the auction, and the hammer price, once the object is sold.

In addition to the convenience of sending parcels by mail, we also offer the following options for evaluating your objects:


Simply arrange an appointment with the expert responsible and bring your objects to our premises in person.


Should you wish to dispose of an extensive, complete collection, we are happy to organise a courtesy pick-up service by one of our experts or a forwarding agent. This transport is appropriately insured as a matter of course.



Request a shipping label


The auction contract

Once we have obtained a clear picture of the condition, rarity and value of your objects, the expert responsible will carry out their final evaluation and specify the guide price. The guide price is the reserve for which bids on your object will be accepted in the auction.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, we will send you an auction contract in which all arrangements are specified in writing, clearly and unequivocally.