International Military History from 1919
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International Military History from 1919

Our catalogue "International Military History from 1919" includes 904 lots. The descriptions are in German, with English translations of objects above a certain threshold. The printed catalogue on high-gloss paper is in the format 22 x 22 cm. In our high-quality thread-bound hardcover catalogue all lots are illustrated in color.

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It's that time of the year again – our forthcoming Spring Auction 2021 showcases a dizzying array of extraordinary objects from German and International Military History from 1919.

Probably one of the most outstanding pieces is the NSDAP standard of the SA Bodensee "Deutschland Erwache", complete with the original carrying bag (lot 5665). Furthermore, offered for sale for the first time, the extensive estate belonging to HJ Obergebietsführer Willi Blomquist is extremely interesting, especially in light of von Blomquist's chequered history (from lot 5681). Next up is a small, yet extremely remarkable collector's item: a pair of cuff links made by Gahr of Munich, given to Rudolf Hess as a Christmas present (lot 5025). Also worthy of note is the estate left by Karl Tempel, the former mayor of Munich (from lot 5071). Moreover, special mention must be made of a rare sketch by Albert Speer – featuring a Florentine strongbox, a medal of St. Peter's Church and an antique column base, drawn during his incarceration in Spandau (lot 5068).

Another distinguished and, ultimately, also very unusual edged weapon is the Hermann Göring honorary dagger, commemorating the award of the Diamonds for the Knight's Cross to Gordon "Mac" Gollob on 30 August 1942. To our knowledge, it is the only one in existence with a dedication. (Lot 5345). However, as in previous years, passionate collectors of all things Panzertruppe will be spoilt for choice in our Spring Auction. One particular highlight here is the personal pay book of General der Panzertruppen Hasso von Manteuffel (lot 5305).  

The various objects made by the Allach Porzellanmanufaktur will doubtless create a certain excitement, such as the extremely rare flag bearer of the pandours, depicting an unmounted pandour with a flag during the Silesian Wars (lot 5187), and the complete series of jugglers and morris dancers (from lot 5189).

We are all children at heart! The military toy section proudly presents a miniature rarity: the Hausser half-track/all-terrain vehicle, complete with crew, is ready for action (lot 5741).

Among the military antiques from all over the world after 1919, collectors will be interested in a uniform M 29 for a Console Generale of the Italian MVSN (lot 5857), an extremely unusual honorary dagger of the Gioventù Universitaria Fascista Italy (GUF) (lot 5868) and the uniform worn by the Japanese Major General Takeuchi Yasumori (lot 5878).

As you can see, the wide selection in our military history catalogue has something for everyone. All that remains is to hope you enjoying browsing through our latest print catalogues and, of course, the online catalogue on our homepage.


Order number: A89r
Number of lots 904
Number of Pages: 512
Department: Deutsche Zeitgeschichte


GERMANY: Weimar Republic, The Third Reich, Collection Coudray, Art in the Third Reich, Allach Porcelain, Orders and Decorations Third Reich, Groups of Orders, Certificates and Documents, "Wehrmacht" in general, Cipher machines, "Heer" in general, The Condor Legion ("Legion Condor"), German Africa Corps ("DAK"), Artillery, Mountain troups ("Gebirgsjäger"), Infantry, Motorized Troops ("Kraftfahrtruppe"), Signal Corps, Panzer divisions ("Panzertruppe"), Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS and general SS, Steel helmet collection, Collection Harry Gold, Diplomatic Corps, Police, German Reich Railway ("Reichsbahn"), Forest Service and German Hunting Society, Customs Service ("Zolldienst"), The Red Cross ("DRK"), Technical Assistance ("TeNo"), NSDAP, The Brownshirts ("SA" - Sturmabteilung), HJ and BDM, NSKK, DLV and NSFK, Reich Labour Service ("RAD"), German Labour Front ("DAF") and NSBO, Various Organizations, Toys, made by Elastolin, Lineol and others, Olympics and Sports, German Federal Republic ("BRD"), German Democratic Republic ("DDR")

STATES E – L: Great Britian, Italy, Japan

STATES R – Z: Russia, Spain, Syria, Hungary, United States of America

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