Lot 4198

A uniform tunic for a member of the "Guardia Nobile Pontificia" holding the rank of general, circa 1900

Orders and Military Collectibles until 1918 | A94m | Live auction | 167 Lots


Finest black worsted cloth with no moth damage, ponceau red piping, light blue stand-up collar and cuffs with lavish gilt silver embroidery, embroidered passanten, smooth gilt buttons ("Johnson Milano" on the back) with papal insignia in relief and inscribed "Guardia Nobile" around the edge. Lined in fine white cloth (somewhat stained) and black silk, inside breast pocket and two coattail pockets, two metal buttons on the side with the manufacturer "Beretta & C. Succes. ..." The collar label has been removed. Slightly damaged in places, signs of age. The high-ranking tunic in good condition. Extremely rare find.

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