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Empress Elisabeth of Austria – a photograph album with 19th century public figures

Orders and Military Collectibles until 1918 | A94m | Live auction | 167 Lots


Light brown leather binding with some details embossed in gold, a round plaque on the front cover with slight traces of gilding and the Gothic-style monogram "E" below the imperial crown, fine tendril engravings. The two intact clasps also with remnants of gilding. A total of 72 carte de visite photographs of varying sizes inserted on twelve gilt-edged pages, including Kaiser Franz Joseph; British prime ministers such as John Russell, 1st Earl of Russell, William Ewart Gladstone, the Lord Mayor of London Benjamin Samuel Philipps and the Governor of New Zealand Admiral Robert FitzRoy; American presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson and Ulysses S. Grant as well as Generals Winfield Scott and John E. Wool; Giuseppe Garibaldi and Stefano Turr (Istvan Türr) of Italy; from France, Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, General Francois-Achille Bazaine, Marechal Patrice de Mac-Mahon, Antoine Alfred, Duc de Gramont, General Charles Cousin-Montauban, Comte de Palikao, Comte Vincent Benedetti and Marechal Aimable Pélissier; the Algerian freedom fighter Abd el-Kader, the Ottoman Field Marshal Omer Pascha, the Spanish Minister-President Juan Prim, the Greek sovereign Georgios I and his consort Olga; the Mexican presidents Miguel Miramon, Benito Juarez and Juan Almonte, the Generals Miguel Negrete, Tomás Mejia Camacho and Leonardo Marquez; the Belgian sovereign Leopold II and his consort Marie Henriette, Pope Leo XIII and other unknown personages, some of Oriental origin. Concluding with 16 family photographs, including the Kaiser's brothers Ferdinand Maximilian and Karl Ludwig with their spouses Charlotte and Maria Annunziata, the Empress' sister Sophie Charlotte and other members of the house of Habsburg. Dimensions of the album 29 x 23 cm. Significant album in outstanding condition with unused photo pockets. An unparalleled compilation of the most important personages of the 19th century, some labelled.

Provenance: Hermann Historica, 31st Auction 1994, lot no. 1916. Thereafter in a private German collection.

Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

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