Lot 2327

A presentation sword of the Reichsführer-SS to the SS-Gruppenführer Ludwig Ruckdeschel

German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards | A83r | Live auction | 608 Lots


The blade of fine forged Damascus steel with gilt etchings on both sides. On the obverse the motto (tr.) "Loyalty is my honour!" between SS runes and descending oak leaves décor, the ricasso with the wearer’s initials "LR". The reverse decorated en suite with oak leaves. The blade was forged in the SS-owned bladesmith’s workshop in Dachau, probably with the collaboration of the Reich
master smith Paul Müller. The back of the silver knuckle-bow hilt decorated with oak leaves in relief, underneath the white leather washer the rune mark within the octagon of the Munich silversmith workshop of Otto and Karolina Gahr. Black wooden hilt with silver wire wrap and inlaid disc with SS runes on dark ground. The steel scabbard with bright black lacquer 95% intact and with
fittings of genuine silver. Complete with the sword knot for SS leaders and black leather hanger, on the reverse stamped "Schambach & Co. Berlin 1938". Length 95 cm.
Ludwig Ruckdeschel (1907 - 1968), 1923 entry into the
SA, party membership number 29308, 1933 member of the German Reichstag, 1934 entry into the SS (membership number 234190), 1941 SS-Brigadeführer, 1944 SS-Hauptsturmführer d. Res. and leader of the 6th Company/SS-Panzer Rgt. 12 in the 12th SS-Panzer-Division "Hitlerjugend". On 19 August 1944, he was awarded the German Cross in Gold during the battle in Normandy where he lost his right arm. Enclosed are photocopies of extracts from the SS seniority lists 1939 and 1944 as well as from his biography.
Extremely rare ceremonial weapon of the SS in worn, untouched condition.
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