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Paul Müller - an SS Prototype Dagger

German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards | A83r | Live auction | 608 Lots


patinated, silver-plated brass fittings. Pebbled pommel, smooth central ridge providing contrast to raised SS runes within round wreath of oak leaves in relief on both obverse and reverse. Flared pedestal with decorative "S" designs around circumference, highlighted with centered, punched indents below, perfectly meeting, and enclosing upper grip collar. Ferrule at lower grip is a smooth surface, having matching "S" designs, punched pebbling positioned around the circumference. Unique obverse crossguard
features a unique eagle design clutching a wreathed swastika in talons. Wings positioned about half open, resembling early Political eagle first used by NSDAP. Reverse crossguard
displays pebbled design within a raised border. Grip is carved wood base to reflect twelve ribs running downward from right to left covered in black leather and wrapped with spring-wound style, aluminum wire. Scabbard shell is steel base covered with black, finely grained leather. Silver-plated mounts decoratively engraved with SS-style "clover leaf' images on both obverse and reverse. Lower mount chape area engraved with similar images forming lined border. Smooth eyelets with rounded edges featuring standard carrying rings. Blade is a hand-forged Turkish Damascus steel featuring a deep central fuller design remaining in perfect condition with fine visible pattern. Blade tang is stamped on one side "Echter Damascener" and PM contained within an oval, on reverse. Paul Müller was asked by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler to create an SS-prototype for possible adoption for wearing by the SS. In a letter written by Müller to James Atwood in the mid-1960s, Müller states that this SS-prototype design was produced in limited quantity in 1939, and that he made at least four more examples in 1963 and subsequently sold them to Atwood. Several examples of these SS-prototype daggers have appeared in collections over the years, each having slight variations in the small details. The workmanship demonstrated on the above described example is exceptional. Although it is not possible to distinguish for certain whether this dagger was one of the examples produced in 1939, its overall appearance and superb craftsmanship speak for itself. Cf. Ltc. (Ret.) Thomas M Johnson “Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Volume VI” pp. 196-198. Cf. Thomas T. Wittmann, "Exploring the Dress Daggers and Swords of the German SS", Pp. 661-665.

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