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Betty Moritz - a postcard from Emil Maurice with signatures of Hitler, Wilhelm Laforce, Paul Hirschberg and others, dated 29 March 1925

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Hoffmann portrait postcard (tr.) "Ludendorff – general of the infantry patron of the veterans’ association Frontkriegerbund e.V.", with half-length portrait of Ludendorff in field-grey uniform. Addressed and inscribed in Maurice’s own hand (tr.) "Dear Miss Moritz, greetings from the meeting of the Frontkriegerbund, yours Emil Maurice", beside/underneath it signatures of Paul Hirschberg (with addendum (tr.) "former fortress prisoner"), Willi Briemann with the same addendum as Hirschberg’s, Wilhelm Laforce and Adolf Hitler (with illegible addendum), two further unknown autographs. Munich postmark dated 29 March 1925.
Paul Hirschberg (1901 - 1999), Wilhelm Briemann and Wilhelm Laforce (1896 - 1965) were each sentenced to 15 months of fortress detention in the so-called "small Hitler trial" against 40 members of the "Stroßtrupp Adolf Hitler". Hirschberg was
Standartenführer of the 54th SS Standarte "Seidel-Dittmarsch" from 1943 to 1945, Laforce was Sturmbannführer and was deployed, among others, at the Feldkommandostelle of the RFSS.

Condition: II + Betty Moritz (1910 – 2003) was the daughter of the prison guard Valentin Moritz. Frequently visiting her father at Landsberg prison she made friends with inmate Hitler and the other November-putschists. Until well into the 1930ies Hitler kept sending her postcards and books, all of which had been kept in family hands until recently. Questions about the lot?

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