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Göring's certificate of appointment to prime minister of Prussia, dated 11 April 1933

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The double sheet of A4 paper with printed letter head "Im Namen des Reichs", typewritten text "ernenne ich den Kommissar des Reichs für das Preussische Ministerium des Innern Reichsminister Hermann Göring zum Preussischen Ministerpräsidenten. Berlin, den 11. April 1933. Der Reichskanzler", with his own signature "Adolf Hitler" in ink. A blind embossed seal with the Weimar national eagle on the lower margin at the left. Perforated, a small trace of rust from a paper clip, otherwise in very good condition.
Franz von Papen (1879 - 1969), serving as Reichskanzler in 1932, vice-chancellor in Hitler's cabinet as of 30.01.1933 and Reichskommissar for Prussia (acting minister-president) lost his power and influence within three months of Hitler's rising to the office of Reichskanzler, not least due to the recommendation that Reichspräsident von Hindenburg sign the Reichstag Fire Decree, which severely curtailed the civil rights of the Weimar Constitution. A further blow was his resignation as acting minister-president of Prussia in favour of the acting minister of the interior Hermann Göring, for whom the office of Prussian minister-president was re-established on 11 April 1933. Moreover, Göring held the office of Prussian minister of the interior until May 1934.

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