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Hermann Göring - a silver gift frame to Rudolf Hess

German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards | A83r | Live auction | 608 Lots


Large-size portrait photo of Göring in uniform of General Field Marshal wearing the "Pour le Mérite" order. Below, handwritten ink dedication (tr.) "Many thanks for the lovely hours in the hospitable Hess house - Hermann Göring, Christmas 1938". Under glass in a hand-hammered silver frame with applied silver Luftwaffe eagle at centre top. Manufacturer's mark, crescent moon, crown and "800" stamp on the edge. On the reverse, stained wood with easel exhibiting minor age. Dimensions circa 36 x 28 cm. Presented in case constructed of thick cardstock covered with a royal purple leatherette covering with rounded corners and gold decorative line around the upper edge, centre applied gilded Göring crest, push button closure (damaged), hidden rear hinge, purple silk lined lid (damaged, contemporary repair), purple velvet tray form fitted for frame. Dimensions circa 38 x 32 x 6 cm. Included with the lot is a Hess letter to Hilde Franck mentioning his pleasure in having heard from her often and hoping to look her up when he next visits Stettin, Nov. 21, 1933. 16 page songbook, 1937, "Valiant Songs" by pro-Nazi composer Hans Gansser, inscribed (tr.) "Herr Reichsminister Hess and wife, with warmest good wishes from Hans Gansser, August 1937". Letter to Hess from Otto Kuhne Jr. asking Hess to visit, Bad Godesberg, June 30, 1934. Dedication announcement in respect of Prof. Otto Kühne's anniversary of the 50 years in office. Telegram in hand from "Gebhardt" wishing Hess a happy birthday, April 22, 1938.
Rudolf Walter Richard Hess (26 April 1894 - 17 August 1987) was a German politician and a leading member of the NSDAP of Germany. Appointed Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler in 1933, he served in this position until 1941, when he flew solo to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate peace with the United Kingdom during World War II. He was taken prisoner and eventually convicted of crimes against peace, serving a life sentence until his suicide.

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