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Hermann Göring - seven drinking goblets from the hunting service of the Reichsjägerhof in Rominten

German Historical Collectibles from 1919 onwards | A83r | Live auction | 608 Lots


Champagne glass, wine glass, two liqueur glasses and three shot glasses. Each glass mouth-blown with funnel-shaped body and round foot with pontil mark. On the obverse round medallions with hunting scenes in the style of Johann Elias Ridinger, depicting horse-mounted hunters, hunters with hunting dogs or at rest, and a deer. Height between 15.5 and 7.5 cm. In uncleaned original condition.

Provenance: From the estate of Obergefreiter Arthur Korndörfer who was Hermann Göring's caretaker at the Reichsjägerhof Rominten during World War II. In October 1944, Göring undertook his last hunt at Rominten. Before leaving, he had incendiary devices installed in the Reichsjägerhof, the forester’s house and the imperial hunting lodge with the instruction to ignite them at the approach of enemy troops to avoid their usurpation by the Soviet army. In late October 1944, when the 2nd Soviet Guards Tank Corps advanced towards the property, Korndörfer ignited the incendiary devices without having received the agreed command under the code name "Johannisfeuer" (tr. "St. John’s Fire"). Göring intended to have his caretaker shot instantly; however, he pardoned him when he learned that the Soviets had already reached Rominten the following day. Furthermore, he granted him two weeks‘ home leave. Cf. Uwe Neumärker/Volker Knopf, Görings Revier - Jagd und Politik in der Rominter Heide, p. 165 - 168; page 70 of the book’s 2nd edition shows a photograph of a laid table at the Reichsjägerhof with glasses from this service. Also on page 85 a photograph of Korndörfer wearing a Luftwaffe uniform, posing on a deer sculpture in 1943. The glasses have been in family possession since October 1944 and are in the uncleaned original condition as found, since Korndörfer did not allow the glasses to be cleaned.Enclosed are an evidence of provenance from his son, issued in 2018, and a photocopy of the death certificate of Arthur Korndörfer from the year 2002.

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