Antique Arms and Armour from all over the world

Antique Arms and Armour from all over the world

Our catalogue "Antique Arms and Armour from all over the world" includes 734 lots. The descriptions are in German, with English translations of objects above a certain threshold. The printed catalogue on high-gloss paper is in the format 22x22 cm. In our high-quality thread-bound catalogue with hardback all lots are illustrated in color.

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As usual, the range of objects in our 80th Auction includes weapons from all world cultures. With regard to European arms, special mention must be made of an outstanding collection of etched trabant polearms from the estate of the renowned weapons expert, Hans Schedelmann. Alongside six models for the guard serving under various Archbishops of Salzburg, one of the rare halberds for the trabant guard of Kaiser Maximilian II can also be found here, dated 1571 (lot 3665). Furthermore, this autumn presents a particularly wide selection of early 17th century helmets, with rare helmets of Savoyard type coming under the hammer. 

Collectors of oriental weapons may also look forward to an exceptional line-up of rare finds. Without a doubt, the best-in-class is the deluxe early kilij from the second half of the 17th century, complete with nephrite grip scales (lot 3304). Comparable pieces are otherwise only found in very few museums around the world, where they are mostly associated with the famous Turkish booty left behind after the Siege of Vienna.  

Moreover, the chapter of Japanese weapons is an undisputed highlight with not one, but two exceptional collections. Comprising approximately 60 lots, a collection of tsubas of old provenance that was amassed before World War I and has been part of the family estate thereafter is now being offered for auction. The second special collection contains 14 first-class Japanese firearms dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. Passed down from a former diplomat's estate in Brazil, their provenance can be traced back to the late 19th century.


Order number: A80aw
Number of lots 590
Department: Antique Arms

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