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Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico (1832 - 1867) – a hand-signed award document for the officer's cross of the Imperial Order of Guadeloupe, dated 7 August 1865

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Awarded to Heinrich "Enrique" Laube, director of Vienna's Burgtheater. Landscape format, the document partially printed (measuring 26.7 x 42.6 cm) with calligraphic additions. Numbered "No. 124" at the top left, the Emperor's original signature in ink "Maximiliano" on the right below the text, beside his blind embossed imperial seal "Maximiliano Emperador de México" and the seal of the order with the countersignature of Grand Chancellor Juan Nepomuceno Almonte (1803 - 1869). The back stamped "Imperio Mexicano - Ministerio de Estado" with the signature of a "Subsecretario de Estado". Folded, minor tears to the fold, slightly stained. Extremely rare award document dating from the third award period – a mere four years – of the Second Mexican Empire from 1863 to 1867. Heinrich Laube (1806 - 1884) was a German author and member of the Frankfurt Parliament, as well as the artistic director of Vienna's Burgtheater between 1849 and 1867. Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph Maria of Austria, the younger brother of the Austrian Kaiser Franz Josef I, was proclaimed Emperor of Mexico on 10 April 1864. Napoleon III falsely led him to believe that the Mexican people wanted an emperor from the House of Habsburg and even had Maximilian deliver a referendum that had been manipulated by the opponents of Juarez. When French troops were forced to leave Mexico after the American Civil War ended, the Emperor lost his final European support against Juarez. Thereupon, Empress Carlota (Charlotte of Belgium) travelled to Europe to plead for assistance from both Napoleon III and Pope Pius IX – but to no avail. In May 1867, Querétaro City, to which the Emperor had withdrawn with his followers, fell. Maximilian was sentenced to death and subsequently executed.

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