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A baroque air rifle, Joseph Kuchenreuter, Steinweg near Regensburg, circa 1750

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The burnished, octagonal barrel with inset, smooth brass bore in 8 mm calibre. Dovetailed sights. The silver-inlaid signature "Josef Kuchenreuter" between scrolling bands at the breech. The spring-loaded barrel can be dropped down for loading, a locking lever on the underside. Internal lock mechanism, set trigger. The full stock in walnut with slightly carved rocaille ornaments and a dark horn nose. A repair to the stock near the tang. Butt reservoir with a square aperture for the enclosed, original cocking lever. Wooden ramrod. Length 112 cm.Documented as a gunsmith in Steinweg near Regensburg, Josef Kuchenreuter (1712-69) specialised in wheellock rifles and air rifles.

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