Lot 5050

A significant heavy percussion target rifle, Leipzig, dated 1734

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Extra heavy, blued octagonal, slightly waisted barrel rifled with eight grooves in 21 mm calibre. Iron dovetail sights, rocailles engraved at top, the engraved monogram "CW" under a crown in a rocailles cartouche at the breech. Finely engraved breech plug with nipple, signed "Osse Leipzig". "I.G. Weigand 1734" struck next to the chamber in the wood of the stock. Richly engraved lock with grotesque heads between scrolling leaves, repeated signature "Osse in Leipzig". Set trigger. Elaborately carved full stock with rich bone and dark horn inlays. Carved at the barrel root a lion head with inlaid eyes and teeth, on both sides of the buttstock a dragon in mid-relief. Brass butt cap and trigger guard. A lateral brass trunnion on either side of the forestock. Feigned ramrod. Length 160 cm. Weight 18.76 kg. Elaborately crafted early target rifle made in Leipzig. First references to a gunsmith by the name of Weigandt can be traced back to around 1670, I.G. Weigand is probably a later member of the family. Around 1840, the rifle was modified by Osse in Leipzig, who converted it into a percussion rifle and replaced the entire lock.

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