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An Allach SS-Police Presentation Prize Plate, Police Expert Skier Badge and Personal Awards to a Policeman of the Gendarmerie, 1936 - 1944

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White porcelain plate with centered embossed Police eagle in wreath, “Der Reichsführer-SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei”, “Ehrenpreis” and “Polizeifünfkampfmeisterschaften Wuppertal 1938” inscription in green text surrounding eagle. Reverse with green Allach manufacturer's mark and dedication in black script “gewonnen von Karl Haugg Polizeiwachtmeister Wuppertal 1938”, diameter circa 25 cm. Included with the Allach plate is the award certificate (Besitz-Urkunde) to Haugg for the Wuppertal Police Pentathlon Championships of 1938, hand signed by Kurt Daluege, and the linen participant tag with green police eagle, event information and attachment needle. This is a rare Allach SS-Police award with proper documentation and personalization. Hollowly stamped, silvered metal Polizei Schi-Führer badge (circa 5 cm x 4.2 cm) with proper yellow painted letters and skis with vertical bottle-shaped attachment pin on reverse. Included with this very rare badge is an original award document for the Polizei Schi-Führer medal to Meister der Gendarmerie Karl Haugg dated 1 September 1944 and signed by Obergruppenführer Alfred Wünnenberg. Various awards and accompanying award certificates to gendarmerie policeman Karl Haugg. Included is a non-portable bronze Ehrenpreis award medal for German Police Championship Competitions 1934/36, diameter circa 9 cm, with an accompanying hand signed award certificate by Heinrich Himmler for the Reich Interior Minister’s Ehrenpreis Medal dated in September 1936. Other awards/documents to Haugg include: the German Life Saving Medal non-portable award and certificate signed by Meissner, the Police Long Service Award and Certificate for 8 years service from 1938 signed by Meissner, the Police Long Service Award Certificate for 18 years service signed by Meissner, the 1938 Commemorative Medal and two award certificates for Sudetenland and Austria, both signed by Meissner. Two rank promotion documents from 1942 and 1944. Edelweiss award document from 1946 and post-war Polizeibergführer Bayern badge. Various copies of documents, articles and photos relating to Karl Haugg. An amazing group, all of these items are named and attributed to Polizei officer Karl Haugg. Cf. Angolia & Taylor Uniforms, Organization & History of the German Police, vol. 2.

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