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Major Günter Schmidt von Knobelsdorf (05.08.1889 - 10.11.1943) - Orders, Medals and Documents

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Seven piece medal bar with Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914 (and preliminary document dated Oct. 10, 1914, for First Lieutenant in 2nd Guard-Ulan-Regiment, ordered to the High Command of the 5th Army), Saxony Order of Albert, Knight Cross 2nd class with swords (and award document dated Nov. 19, 1915, First Lieutenant at the High Command to the 5th Army), Bavarian Military Merit Order 4th Class with swords (real golden center disks, with award document to the First Lieutenant of the 2nd Guard-Ulan-Regiment on Jul. 1, 1916), Mecklenburg Military Merit Cross 2nd Class, Oldenburg Friedrich August Cross 2nd Class with bar “For dem Feinde”, Brunswick Military Merit Cross 2nd Class 1914 and Hamburg Hanseatic Cross. The group is accompanied by two ribbon bars showing his Career progression. The first bar mimics the medal bar with the addition of the Hindenburg Cross from 1934, the second reflects the career point from 1941 or later with the addition of the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords and the Repetition Bar 1939 to the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914. Both bars have all the proper miniature attachments. The group further contains an “ESL” made Hindenburg Cross with swords, a War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords, as well as a 1st Class with case of issue and the Repetition Clasp 1939 for the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914 (accompanied with a remittance letter from the General of the Infantry congratulating him on Dec. 16, 1941). Further documentation completes the group with his Certificate of Maturity to become a sergeant Feb 18, 1909, his certificate passing the royal war academy in Hanover Sept 22, 1909, his Certificate of Maturity as Officer from Sept. 28, 1909, a copy of a health related transfer from the 2nd Guard-Ulan-Regiment to the Guards in Stenay, Feb. 23, 1915, as well as two promotion certificates - Sergeant, March 24, 1909 and Lieutenant Jan. 27, 1910. Günter Schmidt von Knobelsdorf was killed in action holding the rank of Major during the battles on the East Front, Nov. 10, 1943, and was buried on the German Military Cemetery in Beberbeck, Latvia. Interesting group from an officer from famous military pedigree bridging two world wars.

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