Hans Ernst von Zieten

Fieldmarshal Hans Joachim Zieten is a truly well-known figure, famous general of Prussia’s „Old Fritz“, as they used to call emperor Friedrich The Great. However, hardly anyone knows Prussian Fieldmarshal Hans Ernst Zieten. He was only 16, when his famous ancestor died. And like him he had a glorious career with the Prussian military. Hardly a campaign between the French revolution and Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo in which H.E. Zieten didn’t take part, often enough playing a decisive role in the outcome of a battle. Much to the delight of his superiors and their allied forces, who generously bestowed him with just about any medal available at the time: Iron Crosses of all classes, the Pour le Mérite, orders of the Red Eagle, St. Anne, St. George, Maria Theresia – and a great many others.

Not all orders where for keeps, some had to be returned when higher classes were awarded resp. after his death. Nonetheless, those he could keep made for a nice lot, worth the effort to have a leather case custom built. His son listed all the decorations in a carefully executed handwritten table, telling us the whys and whens of all awards.

But what makes this estate so incredibly special? The fact that it survived a whopping 170 years without being touched, orders being given away or being sold. And now we at Hermann Historica were tasked with finding this incredible set a new home, be that through a private sale, be it in the course of an auction. To pay proper respect to the man, his story and his orders we decided to publish not just a plain auction catalogue, but to write a detailed biography.

No lesser expert than Gerhard Bauer of the German Bundeswehr Museum of Military History wrote the biographical part, while internationally acclaimed expert Sascha Zimmermann contributed the phaleristic details. The resulting book makes for a great read, highly recommendable to all friends of Europe’s military history. It can be ordered through our catalogue shop for the retail price of € 49,90. May you enjoy the read! And if you do, and even so much so that you would like the new home of this estate to be yours, then give us a call!

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