The Binker Collection

The Binker Collection

Our auction "The Binker Collection" includes 572 lots and will be auctioned in our auction rooms in Grasbrunn near Munich. The auction will take place on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Further information can be found below.

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We are particularly delighted to present the Binker collection, whose 572 lots are destined to send any collector of European service weapons into raptures. Virtually all the weapons in this collection are in superlative original condition, which is seldom a given nowadays. The particular focus is on Luger and Mauser pistols, some of which are such extreme rarities that they have not come onto the market for many years. With in excess of 250 (!) pistols of Luger design and 53 C 96-type pistols of the most phenomenal models, it would truly be a Herculean task to choose just one. From the outset! Not one but two Borchardt C 93s, lots 2014 and 2015, both of early Loewe manufacture, both in the original case and with a number of accessories, are waiting to grace a new collection. Produced slightly later, a much more unusual Luger 1900/1902, lot 2120, part of field trials conducted by the Imperial German “Rifle Examination Commission” (GPK), is one of a series of just 55. Dating from the same year, 1902, and no less remarkable are two original Luger hunting carbines, lots 2118 and 2119, one with the gold-inlaid monogram of Georg Luger in a leather case with all accessories, near mint, matching numbers, no new proof mark – it doesn't get any better than this! While Germany was still eyeing up this superb product somewhat hesitantly, other countries didn't need telling twice: Switzerland introduced the pistols as early as 1900 and maintained them in different versions until after World War II. Lot 2238 is one such Swiss Parabellum 1900 in immaculate condition, lot 2239 an almost better Parabellum 1902 and lot 2241 a near mint Parabellum 1900/06. Exceptionally rare finds are lots 2229: a Parabellum 1900 for Portugal with a monogram of Georg Luger and 2244, a Parabellum 1900 for the Kingdom of Serbia. Nonetheless, one piece will never be seen again: a genuine American Eagle Cartridge Counter. It is safe to assume that lot 2249 is a dream come true for any Luger collector: a test pistol used in the 1904 US field trials in Fort Riley in absolutely mint condition – one of just 50! Meanwhile, lots 2122 to 2139 will set the pulses of navy collectors racing: 04 pistols in all manner of models and markings, some with a detachable stock and holster, bearing the stamps of a wide variety of units from the "Werft Wilhemshaven" to the "Werft Kiel", right through to the sea battalion, different torpedo divisions and even the U-Boot Division Kiel (lot 2129). DWM, Erfurt, Simson, Mauser, Vickers, W+F Bern – they all produced Luger pistols and we have every last one! And no, we haven't forgotten Krieghoff – believe it or not, some 17 (!) specimens are to come under the hammer, from the very first series of just 50 weapons in 1935 (code "G"), lot 2280, culminating in the final lineup of 1945, lot 2295. Not to be left out, the jaws of Mauser C96 enthusiasts will soon hit the floor. From the early cone hammers of 1897, lot 2065, to an 1898 Westley Richards (lot 2067) right through to the German field trials of 1899, lot 2068, from the Swiss six-round, lot 2078, to the factory-engraved six-round for Lengerke & Detmold, lot 2080, no matter what you are looking for, you'll strike gold here. A hunting carbine perhaps? Check – lot 2072, in mint condition, naturally. A factory-engraved ten-round in its leather case? But of course, lot 2089, in mint condition, what else would you expect? French gendarmerie? Bolo in all models? C96 for Bolivia, C96 for China, C96 for Italy, for Persia, Siam, the Czech Republic, Turkey, the US? Check, check, check! C96 derivatives by Astra, Roval, Shansei Arsenal? That goes without saying! To round off the selection, there are premium pieces of such sought-after pistols as the Norwegian Kongsberg Colts, Finnish Lahti pistols, Belgian FN Hi-Power pistols of all different kinds and British Webley & Scott pistols. The list is endless. As a collection like this naturally includes accessories, here they come, from 08-drum magazines to the rarest hardshell holsters.


Order number: A94b
Number of lots 572
Department: Collections, Firearms

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