Antique Arms and Armour from all over the world

Antique Arms and Armour from all over the world

Our catalogue "Antique Arms and Armour from all over the world" includes 276 lots. The descriptions are in German, with English translations of objects above a certain threshold. The printed catalogue on high-gloss paper is in the format 22 x 22 cm. In our high-quality thread-bound hardcover catalogue all lots are illustrated in color.

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Order number: A90aw
Number of lots 276
Department: Antique Arms


Antique Arms and Armour - Literature and Graphic, Arms and Armour - Ottoman Empire, Arms and Armour - Persian Empire, Arms and Armour - Indian Empire, Tibet and Nepal, China and Southeast Asia, Japan, The Indonesian Archipelago, African Arms and Armour, The Americas and Oceania, Spurs, Stirrups and Snaffle Bits, Armour, Polearms, Axes and Maces, Daggers, Knives and Cutlery, Swords, Epees and Rapiers, Hunting Hangers, Crossbows and Equipment

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