Fine Antique and Modern Firearms - online

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms - online

Our catalogue for our online auction "Fine Antique and Modern Firearms" includes 842 lots. The descriptions are in German, with English translations of objects above a certain threshold. The printed catalogue on high-gloss paper is in the format 21x21 cm. In our high-quality catalogue with softback all lots are illustrated in color.

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With almost 850 lots, this diverse catalogue presents guns and small arms from around the world, including hunting antiques, countless German weapons, but also a number from the commercial sector in Europe and other continents. The choice of international service weapons, with special emphasis on Germany from pre-1870 to today, is just as varied. This season, our wide range of accessories deserves a special mention, encompassing over 110 lots of all kinds, including plenty of holsters. 

We trust that this catalogue will serve as a definitive reference work that our collectors will want to add to their private library.


Order number: O80s
Number of lots 841
Department: Firearms

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