Lot 7015

An Ottoman silver-mounted shamshir, from the reign of Sultan Abdulmejid I (1839 - 1861)

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The curved, single-edged blade made of wootz-Damascus, the obverse with six gold-inlaid calligraphic cartouches with the following inscriptions: one cartouche with the magic word "buduh", a dedication to Shah Abbas in the year 1028 since the Hijrah (= 1619/20 A.D.), "Qur'an", (tr.) "There is no sword like Zulfiqar", (tr.) "There is no hero like Ali" and, lastly, a further invocation to Allah. Silver, delicately engraved quillons, a silver hallmark on the reverse of the crosspiece. Riveted horn grip plates with en suite engraved silver grip frame. Leather-covered wooden scabbard with silver locket and chape plus two ring bands with movable suspension rings, the fittings elaborately chased and engraved, the scabbard stitched with silver wire on the back. Length 101 cm.

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