Lot 3033

A distinguished pair of Bohemian long deluxe wheellock pistols, circa 1640

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A82s | Live auction | 655 Lots

Hammer price € 40,000

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Octagonal, then round, smooth bore barrels in 14 mm calibre. The tops of the barrels engraved with ornamental bands and finely chased tendrils. The locks with spring-loaded pan covers, the release buttons with gilt brass mascarons. The cocks with internal hand springs. Finely openworked, gilt wheel covers with the motif of the two-headed Reich eagle. The walnut stocks with exceptionally finely wrought inlays of engraved bone and mother-of-pearl. Depictions of different animals and grotesque masks interspersed with fine curled shavings and dot inlays. An angel playing the lute on the sides opposite the locks. Smooth iron furniture, inset wooden ramrods with iron tips. Length of each 67 cm.The pair of long wheellock pistols made with exquisite workmanship, presumably by a Cieszyn workshop, in beautiful condition.Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

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