Lot 207

A Danish silver-mounted ivory tankard, 18th/19th century

Works of Art, Antiquities | A82kua | Live auction | 714 Lots


The body made in once piece from a large elephant's tusk with a finely carved relief (two small defects). A continuous border of Bacchanalian scenes with intoxicated satyrs frolicking with Bacchantes and Eros. The elaborately wrought silver mounting with hammered, engraved and chased décor. The ring stand on three shell-shaped feet. The interior completely lined in silver, the reinforced rim with a corded band around the edge. The hinged lid with shell-shaped thumb piece, the screw-mounted knob as a seated lion, the shield bearing the monogram "DSN". A toast in Danish and the owner's name engraved around the edge "Asker Brockman og Sounen". S-shaped, curved handle, the end plate in the shape of a shield. Two unidentified hallmarks stamped on both the rim and base, the weight "Vogt 76 lot" engraved on the base. Height 28.5 cm, weight 1500 g. Attention - shipping to non-EU countries subject to CITES regulations, but beware: permission is almost impossible to get! Condition: II - Questions about the lot?

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