Lot 1284

A heavy Flemish target crossbow, 17th century

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The elegantly curved, forged steel prod with chamfering along the edges and a heart-shaped mark struck on the inside. The anchor with an iron bow wedged at the side. The wooden tiller with an iron clamp, console attached underneath and openwork iron lock plates. A bone bolt groove and fine bone seams (incomplete) on the top of the tiller, a lozenge engraved behind the nut, a bone cap at the base of the tiller. An iron pin on the side serves as a counter bearing for a gaffle. Intact single-axle trigger mechanism with a bone nut (iron mounting) and a spring-loaded, intricately grooved trigger. Cracks here and there, minor indentations in the wood and bone. Replaced, impregnated hemp bowstring (frayed). Width of the bow 71 cm, total length 109 cm.
Rare western European crossbow with elegant lines and exquisite details. Similar crossbows can be seen in the paintings of Jan Brueghel the Elder (Forge of Vulcan).

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