Lot 1283

A Saxon crossbow with bone inlays, 17th/19th century

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Heavy steel prod (loose, no suspension ring), on the right a smith mark "T" within a circle with four points, green woolen pompoms, anchors (with later iron clamps). Tiller of finely grained wood swelling towards the middle, the entire underside and the edges on both sides applied with grey brown horn (small losses), bone-inlaid top with lateral inserted bolt bridge, bone butt plate, the sides richly inlaid with mother-of-pearl and bone. Nut of horn, multi-axle lock with pierced holes, double set trigger. Engraved openwork nut band backed by red velvet. Fixed iron rear sight. The unknotted string a later replacement. Incomplete, slightly damaged, old repairs, bow width 60.5 cm, overall length 64 cm.
Very representative crossbow of half-powered type.

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