Lot 10495

A large lot of documents, enveloping the entire lifespan of the Prussian railroad official Benno Hoffmann (1867 - 1929)

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The lot contains his certificate of baptism, various school reports, his military service card ("Landsturmschein", 1891), his Prussian certificate of nationality (1916, with his photography), his citizenship certificate of the Grand-duchy of Saxonia, his right of citizenship to Weimar, the award certificate for the war merit cross (1917), a notary's inheritance procedure after his death 1929. Accompagnied by numerous documents encompassing his entire career with the railroad service, starting with his employee contract in 1890, promotion documents, award certificate for 25 years of service, ending with his retirement due to bad health in 1922 after 33 years of service.
Also included is the documentation of a law suit his widow filed against a debitor, who couldn't repay a loan he received from Benno Hoffmann, and thus had his farmhouse auctioned off.
A highly interesting documentation of a Prussian railroad officer's professional life!
With a private photo album (unidentified!)

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