Lot 4313

A sword M 1798 for officers of the Russian infantry, engraved with numerous names of the officers

International Orders and Military Collectibles | A80m | Live auction | 1049 Lots


Narrow, double-edged thrusting blade. Etched on both sides with trophies, floral décor and trophy bundles. Gilt hilt with floral décor, wrapped in brass wire and engraved with Cyrillic inscriptions "K. Schabelsky LXVII k.", "M. Chlustin LXXI k.", "Kn. Schahovskoy LXI k.", "Z. Schebeko LXIX k.", "Alexey Pazuhin LIX k.", "Amukov YIX k.", "Nikolay Butorov IXIII k.", "V. Tchebykin LXV k.". The outside of the guard plates stamped with the Cyrillic manufacturer's mark "Fokin" below the double-headed eagle. The leather-covered, wooden scabbard with brass fittings. Length 85 cm. Rare.Condition:II Questions about the lot?

General Information

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