Lot 4009

King Frederick VI of Denmark, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg (1768 - 1839) – a general's uniform, circa 1814/20

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An unusually tall bicorne in black felt (tears, minor defects), trimmed with black ostrich feathers, a gilt, star-shaped riband buckle in embossed sheet brass with a dark cockade and a white plume of cock feathers inserted behind it, cordons interwoven in red at the points. Dark silk lining with the milliner's old paper label "M.C. Parisot", black leather sweatband. Comes with the uniform dress coat in crimson woollen cloth with dark blue cuffs and white piping, double-breasted with twelve flat, gilt brass buttons in two rows (marked "Double Gilt Orange" on the back), gilt silver embroidery with sequins on the high stand-up collar and sleeve cuffs. The embroidered order stars of the Order of the Elephant and the Bavarian Order of St. Hubert on the left side of the breast (he had been a Knight of this order since 1814). The epaulettes with a gilt silver fringe (darkened), only one of the original three embroidered rank stars (for a general) is still preserved, the outlines of the other two still visible. The pale silk lining is stained, remnants of the black sleeve lining. The hat and coat damaged due to age, in need of restoration, minimal moth damage.
Frederick VI reigned from 1808 and was allied with Napoleon, he was also King of Norway between 1808 and 1814, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg as of 1815. His consort was Princess Marie of Hesse-Kassel. This is probably the actual uniform that King Frederick VI wore to the Congress of Vienna. Exceptionally rare uniform worn by a monarch at the end of the Napoleonic Era.Condition:II - Questions about the lot?

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