Lot 3724

A significant northern European Viking sword with INGELRI blade, 10th century

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Sturdy, double-edged blade with flat fullers on both sides and slightly rounded point. Richly inlaid décor with small remnants of the iron inlays. On one side maker’s mark "INGERI", the opposite side with geometrical patterns extending over the entire length of the blade. Straight quillons, the silver-inlaid scrollwork separated in the middle by a zigzag line. Two-piece pommel, the grip plate with identical décor, the fullered pommel with bands inlaid in silver, two broad bands additionally decorated with fine concentric circles. Length 96 cm.
The name "INGERI" is probably an alternative spelling of the well-known "INGELRI" group. This swordsmith workshop is generally considered to be somewhat younger than the "Ulfberth" workshop and was probably active from the 10th to the 12th century. It is likely that more than one workshop existed, as the different spellings also point to contemporary copyists.Condition: II - III Questions about the lot?

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