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A miniature suit of jousting armour, made by the artisan smith Schneider of Munich before 1923

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The miniature suit of armour elaborately hand made, modelled on a Nuremberg jousting armour circa 1500. The jousting helmet forged in several pieces with a grooved skull and finely worked ventilation holes. A fine openwork flap opening on a hinge on the right-hand side. Large arm defences, the large pauldrons sliding on seven lames, with large couters. The right vambrace opening on a hinge, the left tournament gauntlet with pronounced grooves and a rigid knuckle guard. The shoulder wings and the edges of the couters with fine openwork. The distinctly domed breastplate sliding on one lame with the screw-mounted lance rest and rear lance hook at the side. Two attached besagues. Three grooved faulds with attached tassets, each sliding on three lames (one of the leather straps is missing a buckle). Ridged backplate with attached culet of three lames. Includes a jousting lance with an iron coronal cap and a grooved guard disk, plus a shoulder bag of embossed leather with a coat of arms in relief.
Mounted on an original, wrought-iron stand. The stepped, wooden pedestal with a heavily worn velvet cover. Height of the armour 27.5 cm, total height 50 cm.
According to the consignor, purchased from the renowned artisan smith, Schneider of Munich, in 1923.
Provenance:Private collection of the renowned weaponry expert Hans Schedelmann.
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