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A Karabiner G 40 k, Code "byf - 41", shortened experimental version of the K 98k

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Cal. 8x57 IS, Nr. V 84, Barrel, receiver and sights with matching numbers. Breechblock and other parts incl. stock without s/n. Nearly bright bore barrel, length 49 cm. Magazine for five rounds. Military proof mark Eagle/HK. Certificate of proof mark absence for collectors. Tangent rear sight scaled 1-12 on this carbine, usually 1-10. Chamber marked "byf 41", the guide "G 40 K". Various acceptance marks Eagle/655. Bolt handle knob with drilled hole for weight reduction. Bolted modified barrel top ring, sling swivel on the left. No bottom ring. Complete original bluing, slight tool marks at the top ring and the bolts. Laminated wood stock with normal butt cap, coded "brg 41" with WaA acceptance mark, minor storage marks. Straps. No ramrod. Front sight cover. Length 100 cm.
The arms testing office 2 I a commissioned Mauser on 12 April 1940 with a study on a shorter version of the K 98k with a barrel length of 49 cm instead of 60 cm and a sight up to 1,000 meters. According to a file note from 4.7.41 twelve rifles with the production numbers 3, 4, 6 to 15 were accepted. At the same time six rifles with a reinforced barrel were accepted after testing. They have the production numbers V78 to V83. The present rifle with the no. V84 remained at Mauser. The experiment with the shortened K 98k probably failed due to the muzzle velocity of only 730 m/sec. Cf. among other Gazette des Armes no. 472 from February 2015.
German export license required: yes. Condition: I - Questions about the lot?

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