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A high-quality German Renaissance crossbow, circa 1600

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The sturdy steel prod with bevelled edges, the manufacturer's mark, a wheel, stamped on the right inner surface (Stöckel, vol. 2, nos. 6448 - 6453), a braided, greenish lanyard on the outside with six greenish woollen pompons. The old hemp bowstring with Gothic knots. Hemp cord anchors and an interlaced iron suspension ring. The elegant, bellied tiller made of fruitwood, the top and bottom veneered with bone inlays (engraved with blackened tendrils, bunches of fruit and birds), lavish inlays of engraved bone on the sides (cartouches with hares, deer, birds of prey etc., surrounded by scrollwork, tendrils and flowers). Smooth, bone butt cap. A bolt bridge inset on the side. The revolving nut made of antler, moving on a cord pivot. Multi-axle lock with hair set trigger (the bridle has been lost), smooth trigger guard. Several lock components and the lug for the rack-and-pinion cranequin adorned with decorative gilt etching. The folding sight adjustable laterally and for height, the bolt channel is missing. Signs of age and handling, minor old repairs. Length 61.5 cm, width 59 cm.
A lavishly embellished, late Renaissance crossbow of a high, courtly calibre, only very rarely found in this quality.
Provenance: Schulthess collection.

Condition: II

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