Lot 5571

A hussar's flintlock pistol Mod. 1791, circa 1800

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A83s | Live auction | 725 Lots


Octagonal to round barrel, length 213 mm. Smooth bore, caliber 18mm. Bore with light surface corrosion only in two spots near the muzzle. Surfaces lightly sanded off. Illegible gilt maker's mark over the breech. Top of barrel marked "CABa D HUSs ESPs", to the left acceptance mark "B". Underside of barrel marked "461". Iron Miquelet lock, moderately corroded. Acceptance mark "C". The inside marked "ORENI" (?). Iron mountings, incl. belt hook. Walnut full stock with acceptance stamp "E". Signs of wear and tear, various cracks, see images, a central one partly filled with glue. A repair to the stock bottom rear right. Original wooden ramrod with iron tip. Mechanically ok. Length approx. 37 cm.  Condition: II - III Questions about the lot?

General Information

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