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A Tarn pistol for the exiled Polish Air Force in England, 1940

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Cal. 9 mm Luger, SN. 100, Matching numbers. Lightly matt bore. Magazine for eight rounds. British proof marks. Unlocked blowback operation. Marked "No 100 / Tarn 9 mm" on the left side of the slide, on the right side at the frame over the trigger guard marked “Not English Made”. The finish well preserved, but probably at some point reblued. Dark walnut grip panels with coarse chequering. Lanyard ring. Magazine. Only nine of these pistols were ever made, with serial numbers from 100-108, making our sample the first one ever built.About the history of this largely unknown weapon: It was patented for Zygmunt Stanislaw de Lubicz-Bakanowski and produced by the Swift Rifle Company in London. These pistols were to be issued to pilots of the exiled Polish Air Force. Production was quickly terminated, as simply no special handgun was required for this task. In 1953, the nine guns made were sold to the American dealer Martin B. Retting. A respective letter by Retting is included. Cf. Gun Collector's Digest I, p. 174.

WBK: Attention - For this gun we will need to obtain an export license for you, based on your import permit (if needed in your country) or through your firearms dealer

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