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A German cuirassier's armour for an officer, circa 1620/30

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The blackened skull of the close helmet forged in one piece, with a narrow comb. The iron plume socket riveted at the nape. The pivoted, tapering peak with a turned and roped edge. Pivoted visor, the roped and turned flanges of the separate sight slits struck inwards. The ventilation holes arranged in rosettes on both sides, small mouth slit. The pivoted bevor with two hook-and-eye closures on the right. The riveted gorget with a turned and roped edge. The gorget opening on a hinge, with a lightly ridged breast plate. The neck guard sliding on two lames, with a prominent roped and finely turned flange. Complete arm defences, the large pauldrons sliding on seven lames. Closed cannons, the inner joint of the elbows protected by a series of narrow lames. The half-closed couters with roped and turned flanges. The vambraces opening on a hinge. The gauntlets with metacarpi sliding on six lames and roped knuckle guards. The attached thumb plates opening on a hinge, each with four finger scales attached. The ridged, tapering cuffs with turned and roped edges. The heavy, bullet-proof breastplate with two shot strike marks, engraved with delicate linear ornaments. The prominent flanges of the neck opening and arm holes finely roped and turned outwards. The matching backplate with attached culet of three lames. The suspended, nine-lame cuisses with removable poleyns, these sliding on seven lames. All pieces of armour with finely polished edges and brass-plated rivets. The blackening and leather lining renewed. Mounted on a stand of black lacquered wood. Height 173 cm.
A beautiful, homogeneous suit of cuirassier's armour in quality befitting an officer.

Condition: II

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