Lot 5253

A Mannlicher system semi-auto "pistol carbine" M 1897/01, demo gun for exports to South America, with case

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Cal. 7,65 mm Mannl., SN. 712, Matching numbers apart from the front sight base with no. 871 (assembly error). Bright bore, length 300 mm. 6-shot magazine. Step sight graduated 1-4. Made by SIG, Neuhausen. Tilting breechblock with hammer-fired action in closed housing. External cocking lever on the right. Complete original bluing, receiver with cycling traces. Breechblock as well as small parts unblued. Lacquered walnut full stock. The underside of the pistol grip marked “AV”. The swing swivel on the left side of the forestockand recessed buttstock (military version). Smooth, blued steel buttcap. Box magazine without serial number, four peep holes on both sides, the base marked "Carabiner / Mannlicher / Modell 1896 / cal. 7,65 mm".
Presented in a case of bird’s eye maple, dimensions 73 x 27 x 6.5 cm, lined with dark red velvet, on the top left of the lid dealer’s address "Carlos Rosetti / Buenos Aires", including brass ramrod and key for the case.
The present weapon is depicted in two partial views and described in Mötz / Schuy, Vom Ursprung der Selbstladepistole vol. 1, S. 288. (model name also 1896/03, 1897/03, m/1901).

WBK: Attention - For this gun we will need to obtain an export license for you, based on your import permit (if needed in your country) or through your firearms dealer

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