Lot 5214

A pair of side-by-side shotguns by Anton Mulacz, Vienna

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A83s | Live auction | 725 Lots


Cal. 12/65, SN. 3060 + 3061, Barrels of Damascus steel, slightly matt bores, machined barrel ribs, signed at the breechblocks. Boxlock actions and back-action locks finely engraved with scrolling leaves and illegible signatures. Finely grained half stocks with en suite engraved iron furnitures, on the undersides of the shoulder stocks silver plaques with monograms "MS" under coronets. Both rifles professionally reworked. Length 117 cm. In leather-covered wooden case, bumped and with signs of age, new bright red lining on the inside and with a label nailed to the lid. Dimensions 85 x 34 x 8 cm.

WBK: Attention - For this gun we will need to obtain an export license for you, based on your import permit (if needed in your country) or through your firearms dealer

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