Lot 5001

A German/Italian Gothic breech-loading cannon (rail cannon), circa 1500

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A83s | Live auction | 725 Lots


Wrought iron. Round, forged barrel with reinforced muzzle and surrounding reinforcement bands, the muzzle broken off. Smooth bore in 6 cm calibre. Two lateral trunnions with movable swivel fork. Rectangular breech, backend with straight bar (broken off) for pointing the cannon. Round breechblock with shallow pan with vent. Breech filled and sealed with original wooden plug. Fixation wedge is missing. Overall length 110 cm, length of barrel 72 cm, weight 42 kg.
Cf. Ffoulkes, C. J., Oxon, B. L., "Inventory and Survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London", Vol. II, London 1915, page 449.

Condition: III - Questions about the lot?

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